Friday, April 30, 2010

Dallas Willard


Had the privilege to hear Dallas Willard speak at a church in Anaheim. It was an all day event that included lunch and everything.

After the program was over there was still three hours left of daylight, so we brought change of clothse and went for a hike at a park in the Anaheim Hills.

I forgot to pack my hiking shoes so I had to hike with the dress shoes I wore all day. Was lucky that they were low hill.

Some of the wild flowers we saw

Everything was so green

Tall trees, Zulita loves tress

At the end of the day we went back into the city and ate at at a Mexican restaurant in Disney Downtown

There was live music and singing the whole time we were there

The singer took request. They sang "La MalagueƱa" at my request
Zulita enjoyed it, they were very good!

Ended the day enjoying the Disneyland fireworks that are clearly seen from Disney Downtown.