Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sabbath afternoon at the Molitor's


Sabbath, a few of us were invited to the Molitor's home for lunch. They live in Fallbrook. Fallbrook has some great properties. They built a small cottage in their property. They also built a barn for their horses.
The weather was beautiful, about 75F and clear blue sky.
It is ironic that this perfect day was the day before the ugly days we are having now with this big fire storm we are experiencing. Fallbrook has now been burning for four days.

The roses and the candles around the house smelled wonderful!

Great Food!

The Molitors have two dongs, this one is the indoor dog. She is beautiful! She is a shy dog, but finally decided to made friends with Gordon.

Visiting and relaxing at their porch. Fun, fun, fun:-)

Walking around their property. They have an area bith big trees, very peacetul area.

Walking to see their horses

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our School Jogathon Day!


This Friday morning was our school Jogathon.
We started with worship at 8:30 a.m.

Then worm ups and stretching getting everyone ready for the morning of running.

Students running around our playground field while music was playing. We had two sessions of running. The first session was from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Then after a snack and an break the second running session was from 10:30- 11:30 a.m. They really worked hard.

Kids stopping to get a drink every time they finished a laps.

Parents having fun and helping count laps as the children went around the field running

Eating a lunch well deserved after a morning of running

After lunch, prices for the children.
The students went home at 12:30 sweaty and very tired but happy to help race money for our school.
It was a fun and successful day!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Temecula Pumpkin Patch and Maze


Gordon wanted to go to the pumpkin patch/maze, so Matt, Heidi and I went with him.

Heidi and I

This boy looks so relax in the corn. I felt like jumping in, but only children could go in.

In the maze there were stations. At each station there was a question to answer and depending of our answer we go left or right. At first it was easy and we were able to find the correct path almost all the time. Here is Matt by station #3. I think this is just after we had finished answering the question for this station and we were ready to turn left.

Then it got a little challenging and we got lost a number of times. It got hot in the corn maze. I think it took us almost two hours to get though the maze.

Education Day


Last Sabbath was Education Day at the Murrieta SDA Church. Our school did the Church service.
Above is a picture of 11 of my 16 first and second grade students reciting Genesis 1:1-24 from memory. I am so proud of them!!!! We are studying the story of creation in our Bible class this quarter.

Our school choir doing some great musical praise gongs.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Matt and Heidi are Back


After six weeks in Florida, Matt and Heidi are back in Southern California. They stayed with us something like two weeks before they left and a couple of days after they came back. Now they are back at their place in Fallbrook.

We went for a short walk to Oceanside Sabbath afternoon. They came from the Florida Atlantic coast and now here they are back to the Pacific Coast. Wonder which coast do they prefer?

There were people fishing there. This man caught this fish as we were walking the pier.

Welcome back guys!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mission Inn


We like visiting historical sites. So we visited the Mission Inn, in Riverside Sabbath afternoon . It is a place worth visiting.

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa occupies an entire city block in the heart of downtown Riverside, but this was not always so. The Inn began as the Glenwood a two floor 12 rooms adove boarding house,build in 1876 by Christopher Columbus Miller.

By the turn of the century, Riverside was already a major tourist attraction for wealthy easterners and Europeans escaping to warm winter climates and seeking investment opportunities in the burgeoning and profitable citrus industry. What the city lacked though, was a major tourist hotel. After several failed schemes to secure financing for his grander version of a hotel, in 1902 Miller built a four story U-shaped hotel enclosing a large central courtyard. Over the next thirty years Miller added three more wings to the structure. The Cloister Wing, built in 1910, added more guest rooms, but there was an increased emphasis on public spaces, including the large Music Room, an art and gift shop, and the St. Cecilia Chapel. The famous Cloister Walk, also called the Catacombs, with its niches, chambers, and art objects became a major attraction. The Catacombs are now closed to the public.

The Spanish Wing came next in 1913-1914, designed by Myron Hunt. The Spanish Patio, reminiscent of Spanish castle courtyards, offered guests an outdoor dining experience. Frank Miller's growing collection of art and artifacts prompted the inclusion of the large Spanish Art Gallery to exhibit parts of the collection. Two floors of additional guest rooms, including the Author's Row suites and Miller's own private suite, were added in the late 1920's.

The International Rotunda Wing, completed in 1931, filled out the original city block. The Rotunda features an open-air, five-story spiral staircase, another art gallery (the Galleria), the Famous Fliers' Wall (a monument to pioneers in aviation), the St. Francis Chapel, and the Court of the Orient. The chapel was designed specifically to accommodate a massive Eighteenth Century gold-leafed cedar altar from Mexico and seven equally impressive Louis C. Tiffany stained glass windows (an eighth was installed in the Galleria). The Court of the Orient reflected Miller's lifetime interest in far eastern cultures, especially Japan

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Red Books


We went to see the Pacific Union College production Red Books: Our Search for Ellen White about three weeks ago at the Tierra Santa Church in San Diego. Then this past weekend we went to see the play again. It was their final presentation at La Sierra University this last Sabbath afternoon. It was refreshing to see it for the second time.