Sunday, August 15, 2010

D.C. At Night


Just some shots of D.C. at night.
Zulita has never seen D. C. at night.
Is is worth seeing.
Did not take many pictures because by this time we were very tires and our feet hut. It was also still very hot and humid.

At the Metro Station waiting for our train. We were sock and wet or our sweet. Here is Zulita as we wait for our train. Feeling very sticky, not wanting to sit very close to anyone, not even Gordon because she was so hot.
It was still very hot. It still 95F with 90% of humidity at 1030 P.M.
Here is Zulita as we are waiting for our train feeling

Friday, August 13, 2010

D.C. American History Museum


Had a great time visiting The National American History Museum.
We loved the exhibits!!!!
Were not able to see the whole museum. Will go back to see more of if someday.

Inside this room is a great exhibit of the history of the "The Star-Spangle Banner" The original very large flag that was in Fort McHenry in Baltimore that inspired the national anthem is there. The flag is huge. The flag originally measured 30 feet by 42 feet (9.1 m × 12.8 m). Each of the fifteen stripes are 2 feet (0.61 m) wide, and each of the stars measure about 2 feet (0.61 m) in diameter. After the battle, the Armistead family occasionally gave away pieces of the flag as souvenirs and gifts; this cutting, along with deterioration from continued use, removed several feet of fabric from the flag's fly end, and it now measures 30 feet by 34 feet (9.1 m × 10.4 m). The flag currently has only fourteen stars—the fifteenth star was similarly given as a gift, but its recipient and current whereabouts are unknown.


The Flag was flown over the fort when 5,000 British soldiers and a fleet of 19 ships attacked Baltimore on September 12, 1814. The bombardment turned to Fort McHenry on the evening of September 13, and continuous shelling occurred for 25 hours under heavy rain. When the British ships were unable to pass the fort and penetrate the harbor, the attack was ended, and on the morning of September 14, when the battered flag still flew above the ramparts, it was clear that Fort McHenry remained in American hands. This revelation was famously captured in poetry by Key, an American Lawmaker and then-amateur poet. Being held by the British on a truce ship in the Patapsco River, Key observed the battle from afar. When he saw the Garrison Flag still flying at dawn of the morning of the 14th, he composed a poem he originally titled Defiance of Ft. McHenry (though some accounts hold Defence of Fort McHenry). The poem would be put to the music of a common tune, retitled The Star-Spangled Banner, and a portion of it would later be adopted as the United States National Anthem. Since its arrival at the Smithsonian, the flag has undergone multiple restoration efforts.

This is the first monument to Geaorge Washington. I am glad they decided not to use this one. He looked like a Greek God.
Following are just some of the many pictures we took. There was so much to see. They have exhibits so many different things of the America History. We loved the exhibit presentations. They were very interesting, very visual(live size and real objects), informative and fun.

History of the evolution of American's homes
Zulita in front of the Julia child kitchen

The history of the food industry and the electrical appliances was great.
There was one section on Julia Child and how she revolutionized the T.V. and cooking chows.
Julia Child T.V. show kitchen is there.
An exhibit with her life history
They have complete episodes of her T.V. shows and interviews for people to enjoy. We watch a couple episodes with a crowd of people there and she had us laughing so much. Id did not realized she was so funny

Eshibits on the history of ships, train, and car transportation with real objects. It was amazing!

Us having fun with the real size status they had to help come alive the exhibits on the transportation history.

Zulita enjoying herself waiting at a train stop

There were revolutionary history, exhibits, industrial history exhibits,.... and so many, many others.

There were war history exhibits

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visiting D.C. Mall


We visited the Washington D.C. Museum Mall one Friday afternoon.
This is the Smithsonian museum that started the the whole museum chain mall here.

It was 100F with 90% humidity
We have never been so hot before

Lot's of walking here
See the Washington Memorial above the trees

The Washington Memorial

We did a lot of walking

The Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

At The General Conference


Main entrance of the General Conference building

Gordon traveled a few weeks this summer to the General Conference for his work. Since it was summer I was able to go with him. We had such a great experience. Everyone was so friendly and happy to have us there. They took great care of us, even on the weekends.

It is a big building full of hundreds of cubicles
There are main areas on each of the three floors and then cubicles in every direction. There is a baseman in the same way too.

Sculptures that represent different christian through the history of our church

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sailing at Mission Bay, San Diego


Gordon and his nephews waiting and ready to go sailing

kerie and Gordaon and the rest of the family, Richard, Stew, Erick and Andrew walking in front of them.

Our sail boat. It was bigger than what I imagine.

Only five of us went sailing. Richard, Gordon, Erik, Andrew and I in the sailboat ready to go. Richard invited us and is the expert in sailing. He enjoys sailing and was ready to teach us.

Erika and Andrew inside the sailboat

Inside the sailboat was a table a little kitchen a bathroom and a bed for about two to three people to sleep
I think Andre likes it in here:-)

Me inside the sailboat

Richard, Gordon, Erik and Andrew


Richard, Gordon and Erik

Erik and Andrew enjoying the ride

Andrew at the tip of the sailboat

Getting back and getting closer to the deck. Had a great time sailing!