Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day at the San Diego Zoo

We took Mom Harty to the San Diego Zoo Mother's Day.
We thought it would be a good place for grandsons and her to be entertain.
After going to a bird show that was a lot of fun we went to the Orchid exhibit that is not usually open but was open because of Mother's Day.

Walking among the different types of orchids.There were hundreds of them!

Then we went off to see the animals the rest of the day.
We saw a lot and took hundreds of pictures. But here we are only posting the not so common animals and the animals and the ones that were showing some action.

Enjoying our lunches by in front of the elephant exhibit.

This bird was huge!

This is a giant rodent. He was as big as a large dog.

There was some action at the lions cage.

Eating time! Look closely at his mouth, he has a big peace of flesh on his mouth.

Liking himself after eating

Grandmother and grandchildren with the bears.
This bear exhibit is showing the size or a baby bear when it is born, a young bear and the size of a full grown polar bear. He is huge!

The Polar Bears were very active.... so fun to watch!

Andrew sitting in a helicopter use to observe polar bear in Alaska

We did a lot of walking all around the zoo.

The tiger coming,

Tiger closer,

and closer until we see his whole body

What a beautiful cat!

Grooming each other

Look at the long arms this monkey has

Red Gorillas

Gorilla eating

After eating he was walking around