Thursday, September 21, 2006

Richard and Tammy


Yesterday we took a mid-week drive to San Diego. We went to meet our friends Richard and Tammy. We have not seen them in about two years, ever since they moved to Washington D.C.
Three months ago they moved to Mexico City. They are in Tijuana in a bussiness trip this week so they crossed the borded to meet with us in San Diego. They took the San Diego Trolley from the border. They said it just took them half hour from the border to our meeting place in San Diego Down Town(I did not realized Mexico was so close to San Diego). We had a nice time at an Italian restaurant at Seaport Village eating and catching up. They invited us to go visit them at Mexico City. So maybe our next vacation could be, Mexico!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Los Angeles County Fair


Sunday we went to the L.A. County Fair. We went because we like a day at a fair and we wanted to see my friend Celia and her husband Joby. They have a booth there. Celia met us at the parking of the fair's administration building and gave us; entrance tickets, parking ticket, a map and a fair booklet. She, made sure to have us set up for a good day at the fair. She is such a sweet friend!

Once in the fair there was so much to see. Following is a general account of our day at the fair;
-One of the first booths we went to was a Mola booth. I was surprise to see Molas there! Molas are handmade crafts, native Cuna(Kuna) work from Panama, the land where I was born.
-Amor found a leader wallet that works for him for a good price(he has been needing a new one for years, the one he has now is falling apart).
-We spent some time in the Home and Garden area looking for ideas for our backyard(it is still not landscaped).
-We ate lunch(a bit greasy lunch).
-Went to a live horse racing(our first time ever). As the horses were out on the track warming up for the race, Amor chose number 4 and I chose number 7. It was neat to be there seeing all the people with the anticipation of the race. The race finally started. We were surprised at how fast the horses were running! The ambulance that was following them could hardly keep up with the horses. The winner was number 7, I could not believe it! My horse wan! How lucky is that? I should have bet real money. Maybe next time :-)
-We went to Celia's and Jobby's booth, The Wildflower Seed Company. They gave us a gift from their booth, they are such sweet friends :-) They were busy with customer and we had a lot more to cover so we only visited with them for about 5 minutes.
-We saw a Chinese gymnastic show. It was a great show! Thank you Celia for the recondition.
-Amor got himself a pair of Shoemate Orthotics for his flat feet (he has been needed some for a long time). I got a pair of Hydropedes Glycering filled insoles. I used them right away and they worked well. My feet were happy the rest of the day. It is just what I need it.
-We got ourselves some Aroma Sensations These are oils with a variety of aromas that can be use to help relieve specific symptoms.
-We spent the rest of the day at The Big Red Barn seeing the animals. We saw all kinds of animals and their babies including some huge pigs. I don't know what they do to grow them so big and fat. We were also able to catch the end of a baby lamb being born.

At this time it was already dark and we were tired and hungry. We went back to Celia's and Joby's booth and shared about our day and thank them for everything. It was great to see them. They are such cool friends! We had a great day at the fair. I think we'll do it again next year.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our Garden


We started a garden late April. It was fun to set it up, plant it, water it, and watch it grow. There is so much more to gardening than just watering it. There is pruning, fertilizing, some plants need more water that others, some need more sun than others, not all need the same kind of soil etc. Not everything that we planted actually grew. In other words we learned a lot and we have much more to learn. The first thing that we harvest were the radishes. They were huge! See the size of them as compare to the fork in the picture above.

We were not big fans of radishes but there is something different about them when we grew them ourselves from seed, cared for them, anticipated the time of harvest and then used them in our cooking. That something is that they do taste better, they are special. I went out of my way to find recipies of salads to use our radishes. We also simply ate some of them just plain like if they were apples and yes, we were so exited about finding different ways to use them that we even put radishes in Amor's recipe of Spicy Fryed Potatoes (I think we like the spicy potatoes without the radishes better). Our atitude and taste have changed about radishes. We have developed a taste for them. I think we are now set to like radishes from now on, the rest of our lives.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Global Internet Evangelism Network Forum


This past weekend was the Global Internet evangelists Network Forum
The TAGnet's group was there. Amor had gone to a few of them in the past. But for me it was the first time I attended. It was in San Diego this year, about a 55 minute drive for us.
Following is a picture of the TAgnet's team. See Amor in the second road middle left.

There were a lot of ministries there from different parts of the world. It is neat to hear how different ministries are using the internet for evangelism,to serve their community and to serve their church members. In other words for God's work.